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ECILIMP Termosolar specializes in cleaning heliostats and parabolic trough, as well as its maintenance, ensuring optimal cleaning factors for the production of solar thermal plants it serves.

Currently, we provide services in two ways:

Comprehensive cleaning service: Method of maintaining cleanliness by controlling the cleanliness factor of the whole plant. To do this, a comprehensive study of previously customer premises is carried out to meet the needs and resources required. Once implanted, we apply techniques learned given our experience to optimize resources and to achieve that the facilities are continuously cleaning factor for proper operation.

Spot cleaning service: Mode in Which the customer Demands solar field cleaning, Either by brushing or high pressure, where you are guaranteed GIVEN duty cleaning and yield per day.

Likewise, we specialize in services DRAINAGE BONDS through proprietary technology, at temperatures up to 100 ° C

Furthermore, due to the diversification of our parent,, ECILIMP Termosolar , can offer:

Road Cleaning ---> paved areas, solar field
Building Cleaning -> Offices, electrical rooms, specialized machinery
Industrial cleaning and sanitation ---> Pipeline Cleaning and Inspection, Repair, emptying septic tanks
Waste collection ---> Hazardous Waste, Selective Collection
Gardening ---> Maintenance and planting of greenery
Earthwork ---> Repairs, excavations, dust treatments

Most requested services:

Cleaning CCP by brushing.

Cleaning high pressure CCP.

Cleaning Heliostats by brushing.

Cleaning high pressure Heliostas.

Cleaning of cooling towers and heat exchangers.

Emptying Cesspools.

Inspection and repair of pipelines.

Drain ties.

Office Cleaning.

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