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Ecilimp Termosolar


ECILIMP TERMOSOLAR born as a business area within ECILIMP , that strategic decision by the group, is given its own entity to cover the thermal client.

ECILIMP TERMOSOLAR , contains a continual drive for improvements and enhancements and continuously researches new cleaning techniques to apply to their customers with the best guarantees , quality and efficiency.

Its current developments include brushing techniques to ensure durability of the glasses or the sensor cleaning system tube.

Experience: ECILIMP TERMOSOLAR , ECILIMP comes from , a company that has over 50 years providing industrial cleaning services . Their technicians and workers also come from that array , having been retrofitted and newly formed for the specific tasks of services in solar thermal power plants .

Efficiency: Thanks to the research and development , we get effective, efficient and with sufficient guarantees that allow us to offer our customers a more affordable systems.

ECILIMP TERMOSOLAR recruitment policy has a long-term , as understood to possess good people is the way to excellence and for this they should be well trained and be skilled in the art . Likewise, their technicians have extensive experience in the field of industrial cleaning and possess appropriate qualifications and training provided by the company that makes them really competent in their jobs

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Ecilimp Industrial y Saneamiento

Ecilimp Industrial y Saneamiento


Our main customers are those great empersas, responsible for O & M of thermal power plants. Among the most prominent, are companies owned by the groups.